Lodging, Meals, T-Shirts & Medical History

I've had team members share their concerns about where they are going to sleep each night. I guarantee you that you will NOT be sleeping in a mud hut with dirt floors and using a bucket to wash in, like the majority of Ugandans. Your lodging will be very comfortable and nice. There are plenty of bathrooms, with yes, hot and cold water (unless some of you use all the hot water!). Meals are prepared for your enjoyment and taste. Everything you eat and drink at the guest house is perfectly safe and good! I promise you it will not be what you might expect! So now you all can put your minds to rest. We will see first hand how most of Uganda lives - and it won't be like us!

Here is where I will put on my “Leader's Hat”. Unless it is a restaurant or eatery that I take you to, you are not to eat anywhere else. Because most of the little establishments do not boil their water or even wash their hands in preparation for the food - food from these places will make you sick. And we don't want that! I will be taking you all out to eat on the two Sunday lunches. We will be going to the beautiful Country Club in Kampala. Also, all drinks will be taken without ice. You will mostly be drinking from a soda bottle with a straw! The ice is usually made with water that hasn't been boiled and ice is not very common anyway in Uganda. But you need to know just in case. No ice! But I do know a place that makes the best milk shakes!!!!

Because we are all coming from so many different destinations and meeting in London - I will send each one of you a tee-shirt with our logo on it to wear while you are traveling through Heathrow Airport. The ladies' shirts are purple, while the men's shirts are tan. This will be the best way for each of us to connect with others. I will also send you luggage ribbons to tie on your luggage. This simplifies retrieving our luggage when we reach our destination in Uganda, and everyone can easily identify the team's luggage to be pulled from the baggage claim.

LADIES SHIRTS - Color: Purple Sizes: S - XXL
They do stretch, but they are running small. You might want to order one size large on these.


General good health is required for travel. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies might require allergy medication to alleviate symptoms. There may be some of you who may have a medical history, meaning maybe you are a diabetic or a medical condition that is pre-existing. I would like to strongly advise those of you with “medical history” to bring your records with you. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Also, remember when packing any daily medications - to bring extra, just in case. Never know when you may have an unexpected layover, etc. Please pack your daily medicines and your malaria tablets in a water-proof, watertight container so that moisture and water does not affect the medicines. Be sure to pack all medicines that you take daily in your carry-on, not in the checked luggage - just in case the luggage is delayed and it DOES happen. It happened on our last trip - all the luggage didn't arrive until the next day. So please pack in your carry-on whatever you think you might need for a two day luggage delay.