Let's talk about mosquitoes.

While mosquitoes are not extreme in Uganda, non the less, they are there - especially in the evenings, when we are told the mosquitoes that carry malaria are out in the evening.
I want to go over these tips in order to have a careful, worry free trip regarding malaria and the mosquitoes.

1) Be sure to have your malaria prescription filled - you will get this from either your primary care doctor or the nurses station. Please be sure to take your medicine as prescribe and NOT miss your dosages.

2) I had told you about a mosquito cream that I highly recommend. It is used for our armed forces and thus it's the best out there - called "ULTRATON". It is in lotion/cream form, 2 oz tube and you will probably want 2 - 3 tubes. You will apply the UltraThon each morning and again in the evening - it lasts up to 12 hours, which is so important. It also last through sweating and water. It does contain some deet - but only 33%, compared to the 100% deet that is out on the market. ULTRATHON can be purchased at:

I find Wal-Mart has the best price (around $6.00, but you can find it on-line also) and Wal-Mart also carry the other product I want you to purchase.

3) REPEL PERMANONE INSECT REPELLENT FOR CLOTHING/GEAR. This is an aerosol 6 oz can (you will want to purchase 2-3 cans) that you will spay your clothing just before packing them. Hang your clothes (including socks and PJ's) on hangers and spay the entire article with this spray. Be careful not to ingest or get too much on your skin. It is harmful on clothing, but not great for the skin or eyes. There are other types of PERMETHRIN sprays you can buy, but I found this to work and it's one of the cheapest. Also, available at Wal-Mart for about $5.00 a can. There is no odor and it's safe to all types of clothing. One spray can will cover 3 sets of clothing.

Below is some info on PERMETHRIN and what is does and how combined with the use of the UltraThon cream, you will be pretty safe against any possibility of getting any mosquito bites, thus eliminating the possibility (slim as it may be) of getting malaria. Also, you will only have to treat your clothing once. It will last 2-3 weeks, even in 2-3 washings while in Uganda.

If for some reason you are not able to find these two products in the store - you can go on-line at www.ems.com and purchase both of them. Be sure to allow enough time for delivery!! There are two other sprays for clothing - "FiteBite" and "Sawyer spray for clothes". I haven't tried either of these two products, but as long as they contain Permethrin I guess they would be fine.

It's going to be an awesome experience and I know we will all be changed forever because of our serving in Uganda.