Chronicles from Uganda



But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD! Genesis 6:8

Today my heart was blessed again. I had the pleasure of meeting a very special baby boy. Noah, who was born on Friday, November 10, 2017, weighed in at 2.5 Kg. (5.5 lbs). God has BIG plans for Noah! Noah will find favor in the eyes of the Lord, I’m sure of it.



I do not believe in coincidences. Albert Einstein once said “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” The bible only mentions coincidence one time. In Luke 10:31, Jesus said, “And by a coincidence a certain priest was going down in that way, and having seen him, he passed over on the opposite side.” I found the definition on line and it said “The word coincidence is translated from the Greek word synkyrian, which is a combination of two words: sun and kurios. Sun means “together with,” and kurious means “supreme in authority.” So, a biblical definition of coincidence would be “what occurs together by God’s providential arrangement of circumstances.”

I believe God gave his providential arrangement of circumstances when he introduced me to Juliet early this year. Juliet is an HIV/Psychiatric Nurse at a nearby Government Hospital. Goretty, Santo and I had taken a couple of our HIV positive patients to Koko Hospital to get their ARV Medications. Juliet and I became quick friends and it wasn’t long thereafter, that we arranged to have Juliet come to GRACEland to teach the parents of the children at New Creation Centre School about HIV/AID’s and to educate them on how to prevent malaria and properly hang their mosquito nets. In addition to this valuable training, Juliet returned to GRACEland to meet with the mothers of the malnourished children, who we provide food for, to teach them proper nutrition and food preparation. What a blessing Juliet has been to me and our ministry, and to so many people in our community.

A couple of weeks ago, Goretty and I saw Juliet at Koko Hospital when we went to visit Rovinsa, the little girl who had a stroke and who has Sickle Cell Anemia. Juliet was so helpful and informative. It was so good to see my friend again. I appreciate her so much.

Last weekend, I was at JEK Hospital, in Busika. Dr. Amon told me that they had just delivered a full-term baby who was born with partial arms, no right leg and a partial left leg. My heart sunk when he told me about this baby. He told me the mother took the baby home the day after the baby was born. I was wishing I could have been there to see the mother and baby. I couldn’t imagine how devastating and shocking it must have been for the mother and father to see their baby delivered with birth defects of that magnitude.

Remember when I was saying I don’t believe in coincidences? Well, God’s time is always perfect and He always puts people in our lives at just the right time and for just the right purpose. A couple of days ago, my friend Juliet from Koko Hospital called Goretty and told her she was trying to reach me. I played phone tag with her a couple of days and yesterday she and her husband, Kato, showed up at GRACEland unexpectedly. I was very happy to see her and happy to meet her husband. She told me that she was hoping I could help her with a need they have. She proceeded to tell me that her sister recently delivered a baby with multiple birth defects. She told me the baby was born full-term but he had no full limbs. (WHAT?? I could hardly believe what I was hearing! This had to be the same baby that Dr. Amon just told me about a few days earlier!) I asked Juliet if the baby was born at JEK Hospital and she said “yes”. This was incredible! I had no idea who the baby was that Dr. Amon was talking about, and now I am finding out the baby is the child of my friend’s sister. What a SMALL world!

I told Juliet that I do not believe in coincidences! This was just an amazing, God planned event. He made this happen! He had a reason for all of these dots to be connected! I love how God lays everything out according to His perfect plan.

As Juliet and I were talking, one my first thoughts were “I need to show Juliet a video of Nick Vujicic, the man who was born with no limbs who is now a famous, international motivational speaker/evangelist.” . I invited Juliet and her husband to our house and I showed them a couple of youtube videos of this amazing man. Juliet was so encouraged and excited. She asked if I could possibly visit her sister and the baby before I returned to America. I Was absolutely on board for that! However, since her sister doesn’t have electricity, I invited her to bring her to our home so we can show her the videos, as well. We arranged to have her sister, Rose, and baby Noah to come by our house today.

Oh, my friends, what a special treat and blessing it was to meet baby Noah today. Goretty and I held this precious gift from God and stood in amazement thinking about the possibilities for this boy’s future. As we showed Mama Rose the videos of Nick, her heart was touched. Although she didn’t say much, I could see on her face how inspired she was today and how God has given her hope for her sweet boy. I love the name of Nick Vujicic’s organization. It is called “Living without Limbs”.

Before Mama Rose, Juliet, Kato and baby Noah left our house today, we prayed over this boy. This child can be a “World Changer”! He can do great things for Christ! He can be anything he wants to be! What a testimony he will have, if he lives his life for Christ and if he tells the world that he can do “all things through Christ, who strengthens him!”

Folks, please keep this precious boy in your prayers. His family needs your prayers too. It’s not easy here in Uganda when a person has disabilities. Often times, the family feels shamed. Most of the time, the children are not sent to school. And, too often, the children are not accepted. Noah needs us! We need Noah! Thank you for supporting and loving this family. I will keep you updated regularly, on his progress and additional medical evaluations he will have.

In His Amazing Love,