Testimonies from Past trips

First of all I have to say that I just got the DVD in the mail today and watched it and cried my eyes out...it is absolutely beautiful and captured the beauty of our trip so well. I am just so blessed to know you both and to have gotten to be a part of this amazing ministry this summer. My life is changed because of my time in Uganda and I just want to encourage you both to keep on going...what you are doing with God in Uganda blows my mind. What a mighty God we serve!!!
A.K. Toronto, Canada

I've actually been thinking about Uganda a lot lately! It truly did impact me and open my eyes to the world. I feel truly changed from the experience and touched by all the wonderful people we were able to meet. I've been brainstorming about things I can still do to help the people there. I feel so helpless being back here but I've been sharing all my stories and people seem to love to hear about it. I really want to go back some day when I become a doctor and become a missionary and actually be able to help the people medically
M.Y. San Diego

I absolutely loved going with you this past summer. Everyday something reminds me of Uganda and the amazing experience I had. I already know that God wants me to go back this next summer I absolutely loved going with you this past summer. Everyday something reminds me of Uganda and the amazing experience I had. I already know that God wants me to go back this next summer.
S.H. Austin, Texas

I wanted to tell you what an awesome experience both Becky and I had with you and Ken. Your ministry is incredible! It was a life changing experience for me, and especially for Becky who was on her first mission trip. We both realized how much work you put into all of this. Your kids at the orphanage are so precious. God has given both you and Ken a talent and a challenge. Becky and I will definitely go down there again with you...count on it. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication!
R.H. Michigan

Thanks again for heading up another amazing trip. There is no place on earth that I find as much peace and satisfaction as in Uganda. It is so amazing. It puts everything into perspective, not only in our material world, but so much in the spiritual world. I feel like God Himself is holding me against his chest in a never-ending embrace. And those kids....well anytime I think of Esther's hugs, or Carol's singing, or Peter's smile....I grin from ear to ear. Those times in Uganda will forever be etched into my heart and soul. I even keep pictures on my cell phone for when I am having a tough time at work, all it takes is a quick glance at some of those pictures and it lifts my spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your ministry with others Sherry. It is amazing.
J.R. Saskatchewan, Canada

Thank you again for all of your help and the time you spent making this a life changing event in my life and as well for the rest of our team - you were amazing. I want to end by saying this has been one of the best trips I have been on and that Maria has been the most awesome host.
B.I. Florida

I just wanted to write to let you know what an awesome pleasure it was serving along side you in Uganda. You are truly a blessing and I hope and pray that the Lord will open doors for me to join you again in the future. I felt very in my element there and was beyond blessed by each experience we had. Your faithfulness and obedience to the Lord is an awesome example to each of us. I'm will continue to pray for you and Ken, the ministry and the children.
T.A. Boston

I want to thank you for the trip because I had a fantastic time. The experiences I gained from this trip will stay with me forever and I am finding myself looking at the world in a different light. I hope to find myself in Uganda again in the future.
A.G. Illinois

We loved being with you in Uganda. It was a WONDERFUL experience and I know we will surely do it again. They have captured our hearts. Thanks again for everything and I'm glad to know our team is still the #1 choir. Ha!!!
D.N. Texas

How can you even keep up with God?! Do you feel like you are running to catch up with all He is doing right now?!?!?!?! I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have "happened" upon your website 1.5 years ago...
M.P. New Jersey

I just want to say Sherry that you are doing a super, super work in Uganda. God bless you richly and I know He is pleased with the work you are doing. It was a pleasure working alongside of you and yes it was a time that I will never forget. The team was great and we are keeping in touch with each other and sharing photos. Thank you again.
B.R. Toronto Canada

I got back and let's just say that I really missed Africa. I found a good way to put it ... Africa has been on my mind for a while, but now it's traveled and set up camp in my heart. I can't wait to find out what God has in store for me and Africa! I also think about Eron every day!! I'm sure Erin (Louisiana) is having the same thoughts about Jensen!! Those special bonds are amazing, and I was not expecting it!
L.W. San Francisco

Words could never begin to express how thankful I am to you for allowing us to be part of such a wonderful ministry.
T.R. Kentucky

I also wanted to thank you and Ken for everything you do. I had an amazing time, and my life is forever changed - I'm positive about this. I've been trying to remind myself that I have a purpose in America right now, but my heart wants to be in Africa. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of your ministry even if it was just for a couple of short weeks. You guys are true servants and a blessing to many... myself included. Love you both!
D.B. Pennsylvania

I've been so blessed by being with all of you for the past two weeks, as JIM has put it so eloquently. My life is changed forever. Sherry, THANK YOU so much for opening up such an opportunity for people to experience with you. Let's do it again!!!
R.G. Virginia

I just want to say that it's been such a HUGE blessing these past 2 weeks in Uganda. I just couldn't help thinking about children and people who we met and ministered to!!! Each day I wake up and wish that I'm still back in Uganda and seeing their beautiful faces. I miss them so much!
J.T. New Jersey

I want to say thank you again for your wonderful leadership and care; your hard work and passion that translated into the most wonderful, life changing experience in Uganda.
L.K. Australia

Ohhhhhhh, I can't help but praise God in my tears for Uganda, the children, the people. I am so blessed for participating. I yearn for their faith, the simplicity of their lives. I miss them, and serving them. Although at times it was long hours & work, I was the happiest! :) I'm certain I will be back, just don't know when.
M.W. California

In June, I got to spend two weeks in Kampala, Uganda. It was a life changing experience to say the least and I already can't wait to go back. God still gave us amazing opportunities to minister to people through working with several different orphanages, doing a de-worming and medical clinic, ministering to patients in a hospital, holding vacation bible schools, giving away suckers, clothes, and toys to needy kids, and by just loving everyone we met. I cannot begin to explain what an amazing time I had. From getting to learn the language to giving away the shoes off of my feet, God taught me how rewarding it is to serve Him selflessly.
C.B. Missouri

Uganda was was amazing and I am so SO glad the Lord allowed me to go. I would LOVE to be able to go back some day, and especially spend some more time with you and the rest of the team...y'all are wonderful! I'm so excited about the orphanage...God is blessing isn't He.
C.E. North Carolina