Uganda Short Term Mission Trip

Your Bible and a Servant's Heart

Passport (copy of passport stored away from original passport) Please make sure your passport is NOT within 6 months of expiring while you are in Uganda!!

Lightweight Poncho

Imodium or Pepto-Bismol - diarrhea medicine or prescription of Cipro

Bonine or Dramamine - if prone to air-sickness or car sickness (I find Bonine works best - no drowsiness)
Sunscreen & Chap stick

Personal Toiletries - travel size of everything to save on the weight, is best

Strong Mosquito repellant (also Vitamin B Complex helps) Suggest: -“UltraThon” cream - 2 to 3 tubes at Wal-Mart

You may have to order this Ultra Thon on line, as many of the Wal-Mart's aren't carrying it or www. - please allow enough time to have it delivered.

Repellant for the clothing - “Repel” in spray can - 2 to 3 cans will be enough (follow directions on can) at Wal-Mart

Flashlight with new batteries and extra batteries

Ziploc Bags come in very handy to pack many items in (lunches, etc)

Acidophilus - this helps to build up good bacteria & resistance to possible bad bacteria in food - I strongly suggest this!

Spending Money and Balance of Trip Money - You won't need too much maybe $200 would be fine - bring $100 bills or $50 bills -new bills year 2001 or newer - better exchange rate

Only VISA debit card accepted at Barclays - NO debit Master Card (you can withdraw money from Visa debit card)

Flip Flops (I usually wear these in the shower, especially if we were to be staying in any local motels)

Bar of Soap & a Wash Rag (if you're use to wash rags, not provided)

Your Daily Medications (be sure to pack with you in your carry on)

Suggested Items

Small, lightweight items to play with the kids (such as hackey sacks, jacks, jump rope etc.) We can purchase balls there
Hat & Sun glasses

Small folding umbrella

Baby Powder (if you have a tendency to sweat a lot)

Sturdy Water bottle or canteen - We buy all the bottled water, but you may want your own sipper bottle for traveling
A good multi-vitamin and possibly extra Vitamin C & Echinacea

Lightweight small backpack to carry water, etc
Camera and lots of film and extra batteries for camera- better yet, digital cameras

Notepad to document the trip

If you have room - suckers, sweets, small toys to pass out to the many children you will come in contact each day

Clothing: Bring clothes for one week or so. You can always hand wash your clothing and hang it out to dry. Or the Guest house will provide laundry services for a fee. Remember whatever you pack you have to carry around!!!! There is a major department store (like Target) and full grocery store for anything you forgot!!!

Skirt or dress for church services (2 church services and also a skirt is best when we go into a rural village)

Blouses or Ladies Tee-shirts - Cotton is helpful, but not necessary - Modest tops only (no midriff or too much shoulder)

Long pants or crop pants are ok (Ladies, please NO shorts)

Lightweight cotton long-sleeved cotton top (working with street children who may have severe ring worm, etc)

Lightweight sweater/sweatshirt

Shoes - a walking shoe, and/or sandal, and something to wear on Sundays
Possibly a grubby outfit if we do manual labor

Dress shirts & nice pants for church

Cotton shirts & Tee shirts (Cotton is helpful, but not necessary)

Lightweight cotton long-sleeved cotton top (working with street children who may have severe ring worm, etc)

Long pants or shorts are OK for men

Lightweight sweater/sweatshirt

Possibly a grubby outfit if we do manual labor